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Logger Pro 3.14.1 is recommended for all supported Macs.If you intend to use video capture and analysis features of Logger Pro on Windows, you are strongly encouraged to use Logger Pro 3.12 or newer.Logger Pro will appear in the language of the Windows operating system by default.Chinese and Korean are available from Vernier International dealers in those countries. Although the current version of Logger Pro may not be compatible with your computers, we have a version for you.The fast response time provides a steady visual, allowing players to experience their games at the highest level.

The 3-sided boundless screen design enhances the display’s visual appeal and draws your eyes deep into its curve.Based on eye-strain questionnaire involving the use of a 34” curved Samsung monitor and equivalent 34” Samsung flat monitor. Windows 8 may be the biggest gamble in technology history.A recent Harvard study found that fewer subjects reported eye-strain, difficulty focusing and blurred vision symptoms when viewing a curved monitor than with a flat monitor.AMD Free Sync technology allows users to enjoy smooth images, even during the fastest moving scenes.Testing for Logger Pro 3.14 is ongoing for the Creator’s Update.